Thursday, 7 March 2013


Sweet home.

I’ve been here one week now.  Some nights in Melbourne but mostly on the farm.  Doing not a lot but somehow keeping busy.

It’s an interesting time for me.  To come is the job hunting, the flat hunting, the home making.  But for now, it’s the relaxing, the unwinding, the slowing down.  That might seem strange given
Melbourne skyline

I’ve had 4 months off now, holidays for 3 months of it.  I’m relaxed and I came home relaxed.  But I’ve also come home wondering what is next for me.  Do I stay in finance? (probably, it’s all I know).  How can I stay in finance whilst working a job that lets me spend my days outdoors in thongs (flip flops), shorts and a tank top. That lets me take more than 4 weeks leave a year.  Or is that it for the next while.  And if that is it, should I take advantage of my current, rent free, freedom and head off on the next trip.  And then come home and home make.  And if that’s what I decide to do, where is the next trip, when the places I want to go are spread so wide.  All decisions that will come with time. I’m in no rush. I’ve saved for these days.

And on less philosophical thoughts, here’s a taster of what my first week at home has looked like.
Sunny Sunday in Melbourne #brighton #beach#sunset on the farm no. 2 #latergramUp up and away #balloon#Sunset on the farm #latergramHave I mentioned that I love Melbourne? Breakfast by the beach.Moo!
{Beach, farm and sunsets.  A pretty true representation of time. 
Not pictured – friends, family, tim tams, twisties and potato cakes.}

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  1. The sunsets were amazing the last couple of days! And the farm looks beautiful - enjoy the sunshine and heat a while longer, jobhunting can start when the winter comes :)
    Kristina x