Friday, 19 April 2013

April Sun in Cuba

As my last day in Cuba draws to a close, I'm falling more in love with the place. I spent the morning at the chocolate museum (more cafe than museum) & the Cuban art gallery before heading to a nearby beach for the afternoon.

I've had the last few days to myself here in Havana. Before that I traipsed around the island as part of a group tour (Gecko's Vintage Cuba for those interested). Outside of Havana, we visited Cinfuegos, Trinidad, Santa Clara, Vinales, Caye Levisa & Soroa. The scenery, both in the towns and between, has been phenomenal. One of the most stunning places I think I've visited. The towns so colourful (people & buildings), the mountains dramatic, palm tree jungles & crystal blue waters.

I'm yet to tire of the sight of old fords and chevrolets rolling down the street, the taste of ice cold daiquiri frappes or of fresh pineapple juice. Even the smell of cigars is growing on me.

I built this place up in my mind, having wanted to come here for so long before now. It's lived up to every expectation, and more.

And now, as the trova begin playing Guanamerra, it's my cue to finish my cafe cortada and head back out into the bustle one last time.

{I've loved my new camera so much I've taken barely any pics on my phone these last two weeks. Photo posts will follow.}

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