Wednesday, 3 April 2013

The Bag on My Back: What I'm Taking

I'm currently packing for my two month trip that starts tomorrow.  It got me thinking about what I take all the time.  Whilst the destination affects the clothes I pack, there are a lot of travel staples for me.  I've mostly shown these below.  Toiletries and clothes haven't really been covered.  Maybe I'll come to them another time. I've certainly got some staple must haves there.

I'm curious what you're must pack/must have things are as well. Leave a comment and let me know.

Things to note though on some of these items:

  • The Sony Nex6 with twin lenses is new to me.  I previously had a Panasonic DMC TZ30 which I loved but it broke after coming into contact with too much sand and rain in Africa.  When it came time to replace it, I decided to make the jump and upgrade.  The Nex6 with the 16-50 and 55-200 lenses is what I chose and so far, I'm loving it.
  • The new camera needed a new camera bag.  Shirking some of the more traditional ones, I got the Crumpler one shown and I love it.  It's got room at the back for a few handbag type things and all the padding/compartments for camera and lenses as well.  I've got the small but I would imagine DSLR users would need the medium or large. The bag is the handbag like bag in the second set.
  • My iPhone is a 4S and is housed in a lifeproof case.  It just makes sense for me when travelling.  The case isn't that large or cumbersome so I imagine it will stay in there longterm (this case was a gift from my ibrother and is new to me but I'm loving it so far, after having admired some friends using one in Africa).
  • My ipod is whatever generation was current 6 years ago.  The battery life on it is far better than my phone, not to mention storage capacity so whilst it doesn't get much use at home, it always gets taken along.  I love the y-splitters for earbuds as well so you can share your tunes easily with bus buddies and the like.
  • Kindle.  Feel free to suggest any amazing books you've read recently, especially any set in Central America.
  • I have a nexus 7.  I'm on the fence as to whether I take it.  I used it a lot in India and Nepal but barely at all in Africa.
  • USB stick so back up photos onto if I want to along the way.
  • Second cameras are always handy, especially when waterproof etc.  In theory, Sueproof
  • The pebble charger was initially bought for a music festival a few years ago but has been so useful is many situations.  It holds 4 x iPhone charge and can be used on any USB charged gadget.  

Technology to go

Kindle, 170 AUD / iPod, 240 AUD / Tech accessory / ASUS - Tablet- Nexus 7 / Sony NEX 6 Body | Sony Digital SLR Cameras | Ted's Camera Stores -... / Panasonic Lumix DMC-FT20 Digital Camera - Digital Cameras | Harvey... / Veho Pebble Mini Portable Battery Pack Charger / Verbatim MEMORY CARD STORE N GO USB DRIVE 4GB - The Good Guys,... / 3.5mm Earphone Headphone Splitter Cable Adapter Black -

Non tech things that I have.  I've shown the actual brands I have but these are things I find useful.

  • I saw the Scrubba on Yes&Yes and I love it.  It makes handwashing super easy and doubles as my dirty washing bag until washing day.  I also have a pegless washing line (not shown).
  • Dry bags.  Can you ever have too many?  These, along with the packing cells, get used in keeping my back sorted.
  • My backpack is the Osprey Waypoint 65.  I like it.  Love might be too strong a word.  The jury is out. It is certainly light weight and comfortable to carry which are important.  I wish the 65 came with the lower zip that the 85 came with though.
  • The daypack pictured folds up to the size of a cadbury cream egg.  Super useful. Mine is actually a plain grey colour so far less in your face.  Which I like.
  • The Merrell's shown are the comfiest shoes I've ever owned.  It's hard to find walking sandals that don't make you look like you don't believe in sex, deodorant and bras.  These are the best I could do. Whilst they're not the cutest sandal around, they are cute enough and just so so so comfortable.  I pretty much wore them everyday in Africa (yeah, I got some bad tan lines!)
  • Casio Baby G.  The watch our teenage dreams were made of. This is my second one (after breaking my last one on a rock in Malawi before then jumping off the cliff into water, thereby really killing it.  I really only where them on the road, preferring a much daintier watch for everyday life.
  • Head torch - small but efficient. Handy when camping (as I will be) and in hostels.  Takes up so little room.
  • I like the cable locks better than the traditional locks as one lock can do a few zippers on your pack at once.
  • I loathe travel towels so have for a while used a cotton scarf.  Now I have a kikoy from Kenya to take.

Things to go


  1. Great post. I def need to get a kindle. I still travel with a book or books and a kindle would be much better. Thank you for linking up with us!

    Bonnie Rose | A Compass Rose

    1. Kindles are great. They will never replace books for me but when travelling, they can't be beaten.

  2. i love this! a lot of our essentials are the same! thanks so much for linking up with us!