Monday, 24 June 2013

Home Once More


{Wandering the Malecon, Havana}
I am there. I am without one of my own but I am there all the same.  I am splitting my time between my parent’s farm in Gippsland, my brother’s place in the suburbs and friends’ places in the inner city.  I’m updating my CV and interviewing for jobs. I’m thinking about where I might like to flat hunt (but not actually flat hunting), thinking about what car I might like to buy (but not actually buying a car).  I’m also revelling in the free time I’m afforded.  I’m swimming laps for fun, I’m meeting friends for coffee, I’m having solo coffee dates, I’m exploring Melbourne and I’m just enjoying each day.

The trip itself was fantastic – I saw so much and missed so much more.  Two months is no where near long enough to really see all I wanted to in Central America but it was i budgeted for and enough to get a taste for it.  Cuba and Guatemala the highlights, Honduras the pleasant surprise.  Mexico & Belize were barely touched, more just passed through whilst El Salvador, Costa Rica and Panama were also wonderful.  I showed my new camera some love and now have 2,500+ colourful photos to sort through. Bare with me on this one, it could take a while.

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