Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Weekend Tales; The Great Ocean Road

This weekend just past, I road tripped some of the Great Ocean Road with a dear friend of mine (hello @PenskiiPoo ) who was willing to indulge me.  See, ever since l saw Krissi’s pictures of the 12 Apostles at sunset, I’d wanted to see it for myself.  I’ve been to the 12 Apostles countless times over the years but I don’t think I’ve ever been there at sunset (and if I have, I don’t remember so it doesn’t count). 

This iconic part of the Victorian coast line is a good couple of hours west of Melbourne, quicker via the inland route but more picturesque along the Great Ocean Road.  With only two goals for the weekend, we went along the Great Ocean Road.  We stopped for surf outlet shopping in Torquay, coffee in Lorne and to check in to our hotel & enjoy lunch in Apollo Bay. Being that it’s mid winter, sunset was right on 5pm and we arrived just in time.
Watching the sun set with the waves crashing and the wind howling made me feel so small and insignificant in this world, but in the most peaceful way. These apostles are sandstone that has over time, being eroded until they’re no longer attached to the cliffs behind them.  Wave after wave washing over them.  It will not be so long before I return to this part of the state.

The second goal of the weekend? To enjoy breakfast at a brewery.  That we did, sampling all their beers and enjoying a hearty feed at the very welcoming Forrest Microbrewery.  Forrest is about 30minutes inland from Apollo Bay and I’m sure it’s a picturesque drive as well, when not covered in cloud as it was for us.  Beyond that, the weekend was just a good old girl weekend catch up - coffees, beers, wines, gobstoppers and bouncy balls.


  1. So happy you made it to the sunset on time - the day we were going, we were late, driving like crazy, running from the car park to the platform like maniacs! It is such a beautiful and peaceful place though, can't wait to return!! Great shots! Kristina x

  2. So gorgeous!! I really wish we lived closer to the ocean and could just walk among the rocks and listen to the waves crash and the seagulls scream! The photos are lovely <3