Monday, 5 August 2013

Africa: The Animals

For some people, Africa is all about the animals. For me, it’s part about the animals, part about the people and a lot about the landscape. That part that is about the animals though, that’s an incredible part.

I had a pretty safari heavy itinerary, beginning with Etosha (Namibia) and including Okavango Delta (Botswana), Matopos and Hwange (Zimbabwe), South Luangwa (Zambia), Mkumi (Tanzania), Nakuru & Naivasha (Kenya) & Queen Elizabeth NP (Uganda), as wells as gorilla and chimp trekking.

F RhinoBig 5 BuffaloBig 5 ElephantBig 5 LeopardBig 5 Lion
{The Big 5; rhinoceroses in Nakuru, buffalo in Nakuru, elephant in Queen Elizabeth NP, leopard in South Luangwa, lioness in Etosha}

From the first safari of my trip (and there were many), my fellow travellers were keen on finding the big 5. Whilst I certainly was also keen to check that list, there were other animals I wanted see. Animals I like more, that are cuter, or goofier or just more endearing to me.

F ElephantF HippoF RhinosF GiraffeF Zebra
{My favourite 5: elephant in QENP, hippopotamus in Hwange, rhinoceroses in Nakuru, giraffe in Crater Lake Sanctury, Naivasha & zebras also at Crater Lake}

Along with the above animals, I was lucky enough to also encounter warthogs, wildebeest, hartebeest, kudu, oryx, genets, sable antelopes, eland, impala, gazelles, klipspringers, pukus, aardwolf, brown hyenas, wild dogs, waterbuck, steenbok, spotted hyenas, jackals, baboons, puff adders, black mamba, terrapins, vervet monkeys, springboks and more. Also; birds. I’m not a twitcher but my oh my, so many birds.

Yeah, the animals of Africa were a big part of the trip.

If not the big 5, which animals would you most like to see on safari in Africa?

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