Saturday, 3 August 2013

Desktop dreams–August 2013


The thing I love about travel and living overseas is the people you meet.  I had dinner with a New Zealand friend (from Wellington, lives in Auckland) who was in Melbourne for work for a few days. We met and worked together in London for a time and realised that this weekend marked the 1 year since our trip to Dubrovnik, Croatia. Time really flies when you’re having fun! We were laughing at how laid back out time there was. There’s a lot history, recent history to be seen.  We instead saw beaches.  Sometimes, a girl just needs a beach break.  Our most adventurous day was a day sail from Dubrovnik to some nearby islands (Lopud, Sipan and Kolocep) for more beaches and swimming.

The picture that is currently my desktop wallpaper was taken  on that day. From memory, it was on Sipan but I might be wrong.  I like to use my own photos as a desktop wallpaper but I often add a calendar to them in Picasa or PSE. You can see the original image below.  If nothing else, it ensures I update them regularly.

What do you use as your wallpaper? Do you change it often? Feel free to use it as yours if you like. Equally, if you want to make your own calendar one, I’ve copied and pasted the date data to make things really easy for you. Just add this to a text box in your editing software and voila.

M            Tu           W            Th           F              Sa           Su
                                                1              2              3              4
5              6              7              8              9              10           11
12           13           14           15           16           17           18
19           20           21           22           23           24           25
26           27           28           29           30           31          

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