Saturday, 12 October 2013

All Good Things (Come to an End)

And just like that, my funemployment will finish.

Reality set in this week when I paid the bond and rent on a great little flat, spent hours cleaning and assembling furniture and unpacking my belongings, both those I shipped home from my time abroad and those that have waited patiently for me in storage (at my parent’s farm) for the past five+ years.

This time off has been wonderful. The obvious highlight was the months of travel to destinations I’d long dreamed of. But there were other highlights as well.  Spending more time with my family than I have since I first moved out. Spending more than a few days a year with my niece and nephew especially. Seeing the extended family I didn’t always get to see on my fleeting visits home.

Falling in love with my home city all over again. I’d romanticised it from afar, especially during the dark winters but really, it is as good as I thought it would be. Better even. Exploring it with the new boy, a Melbournian I met in Panama. Revisiting favourite spots with old friends. Impromptu day trips down the coast, or road trips interstate.  The time to just be, to enjoy.

Being here as my best friend gave birth. Being around for the reveal, the shower and the birth. All of it, not just being here for a week a year.

A lot of the things I thought I’d achieve during this break, I didn’t. My photos aren’t sorted. My travel recaps are far from up to date. I didn’t loose that weight. But all in all, this break has been the best for so many reasons.

And with that, I start work back in the corporate world 9am Monday. 348 days after I left the working world, I will dust of the shift dresses and re-join it. I’m pretty excited about that as well.

{Photo at top was taken at Chitchen Itza, Mexico on my last full day in Central America. The next morning, I left for Melbourne via Miami and LA. Not sure when I’ll ever be that relaxed and tanned again}.

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  1. Your time off sounds amazing!! You know how jealous I am!! :)
    Hopefully your first day back in the corporate world went smooth today and hopefully it made you want to go back tomorrow :)