Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Kyrgyzstan: The People

The people I met in Kyrgyzstan were incredibly friendly and at times quite curious. The Kyrgyz flag is red with a yellow sun that has forty rays, to represent the forty tribes that have called Kyrgyzstan home. Add to that the Russian influence, there’s quite an ethnic diversity about.

As for other foreigners, we didn't encounter that many. There's a really strong community based tourism community in Kyrgyzstan but it felt like we were still novelties as foreigners. People were friendly, curious even to meet us. The children fought for our attention but really very few people tried to sell us anything.  It was blissful in that regard.

From the markets and streets to the buzkashi field, here’s a few people I met along the way.


Photos of people is something I really struggle with. I’m seemingly always too shy to ask and an read I'd like to improve on. Maybe one day…

Do you have this problem? Which is your favourite photo above? .

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