Friday, 24 January 2014

Baby, I've got Brisbane on My Mind

{The view as I flew into Brisbane a few years back}

I've been home a good while now and working for a bit as well (just over three months). The latter part of 2013 was spent making a home (I'm in a rental but unpacking and furnishing and the like, to make it mine) and getting use to work again. I was exhausted more than I wasn't and I think it just came from the change in routine (or perhaps the creation of a routine). It's fair to say I was overwhelmed often and retreated a lot.

2014 feels lighter already. Whilst my little shack is far from perfect, and if I owned it there are many things I'd do, it's done enough. I come home from work, the farm, the boy's, the supermarket and I'm excited to be there. I'm in love with it. Not with the bad 70s trim or the biscuit coloured walls but with the daylight it gets, and my trinkets and bits and bobs. There's still things I want to do but there's no need or urgency to anything. Combined with getting use to my role and feeling infinitely more comfortable in it, I've got a bit more free time. Not a lot, but some.

And the first order of business for this year? Go and see my brother. My older brother, Simon (the namesake of this blog) and his beautiful wife live in Queensland and I've not seen them since I was up there in December 2011. After the longest break between flights for me since at least 2005, the boy and I are heading north this long weekend. We have nothing planned other than to perhaps try some locals brews (both beers and coffees), clock some quality beach time and just hang out and catch up. I should probably mention that Sonia is 8 months pregnant so this is the last time I'll see them as just the two of them. Can't wait!

And with that, I'm leaving on a jet plane.

What are your plans for the weekend? May they be relaxing.

*That title is a play on a song title from my favourite band, Powderfinger, who hail from Brisbane.


  1. Enjoy Brisbane and the time with your family! I studied abroad in Australia at the University of Sunshine Coast, so Brisbane was the closest big city. We went there multiple times so I have good memories of that city.

    I am glad that 2014 is feeling lighter for you! That is a great way to start a year and it's always wonderful to be content in the place you live. I felt that way about my condo in Minneapolis - it wasn't perfect and I would have changed things (like the fact that EVERY WALL was painted yellow) but all in all, I loved living there.

    1. Thanks Lisa - you've quite possibly seen a lot more of Australia or at least Queensland than me.