Friday, 7 February 2014

Looking Back – Making it to Zanzibar


I'm playing this game with myself at the moment. I sit at my desk at work and think back to where I was this time last year.  It's not that work isn't busy or keeping me entertained, but lets keep it real. I work as a business analyst at a decently sized financial institution. This is what the beginning of 2014 looks like to me.

The beginning of 2013 was all about travel. I probably don’t need to say that again. I was overlanding through Africa last year.  Today specifically, I was in Zanzibar. 

Zanzibar had long been a dream destination of mine. I remember seeing it on a travel show in the late eighties perhaps. I remember seeing the turquoise water of the island and hearing about the spice market, thinking it so exotic and telling Mum I was going to there one day. I can't date the memory exactly but we were in the grown up lounge room of a house we moved from in September 1990. 

Twenty-three years later (and twenty two after Mum passed away), I made it there. I've seen so many awe inspiring things, even just in the months leading up to Zanzibar and had so many wow moments but this one was the most emotional.

I didn't see as much of Zanzibar as I would have liked, or spend enough time there (I'm pretty sure I could stay forever) but it was as incredible as I'd dreamed of.

Some time (too little) spent in Stone Town with its narrow twisting lane ways, the regularity of the call to prayer, the history in the buildings and it churches to a time of slavery, the night markets with some of the best and freshest seafood I've had and the assault on your senses that is the spice markets (true story, i find the smell of bananas far more horrific than that of fresh fish). The pictures below are all from Stone Town. 

A few days were then spent on the white sand beaches at Nungwi, snorkeling, swimming and kicking back in the hammocks and the Indian Ocean. The few photos I took from that part of the trip are above.

Have you ever been to Zanzibar or dreamed of it? Or is there somewhere else you've wanted to go since you were little? What is your favourite picture of Zanzibar?


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