Monday, 10 February 2014

Quiet Weekend Days

Housemates in Devon
{Kate and I with Jason, the third housemate, on a weekend in Devon back in 2011}

The weekend past was a quiet one but that's really my cup of tea at the moment. Some work on some projects at home (think hanging pictures, painting furniture), a spot of shopping (think gorgeous rose gold leather flats, heavily discounted), the Fine Design Market and baby cuddles with a friend (market with her, cuddles with her 4 month old) and then finished it off with some holiday planning and chocolate milkshakes down by the river. Not a bad one my friends. Maybe not one I'll remember in a year but enjoyable during every moment.

I'm busy at work but then that's the norm and the weeknights pass by without being marked so the weekends are really when I feel like I get things done. I've got some really great things coming to look forward to though, and in the vein of Kyria's post, here's me, looking forward:

This week - Dolly Parton, Blue Smoke tour. I saw her back at the O2 a few years ago and thought she was incredible. That night felt like a dream so to get to see her once again is still a bit surreal.

This weekend - visitors! A housemate from my London days, Kate, is now calling Sydney home (she's a London native) but her and her current housemate are visiting this weekend. We've no set plans other than Saturday night (they'll be seeing King Kong, I opted out) but loose plans for plenty of cheese, plenty of bubbles and plenty of talking. I've not seen Kate since mid 2012 and I'm just a bit excited. She's one of my people. You know those people you meet and click with pretty instantly? So excited. Did I mention that?

This month - a weekender! It's not as easy to travel from Melbourne as it was from London but I'm trying. I'm heading up to Sydney in a few weeks to see some friends, Kate included. Sydney's a city I've spent an ok amount of time in for work and visiting and I've seen the touristy things. My time there will be spent with an old colleague, old travel buddies, an old housemate and a school friend. It will be spent with them, doing their things. Coffees, brunches, normal things. No sights to rush between, just time to be.

This quarter - ok, that makes me sound like an accountant or something, doesn’t it? Aside from Sydney, I've got a few more weekends away in March and then a trip to Malaysia for Easter (10 days in total). I've seen so little of South East Asia and I'm really excited by this trip. I'm going with the boy and so far all we've booked is flights in and out of KL. The plans are for a few days there, a few days on a beach, a few days in Penang and maybe a hike or two if we can swing it. I'm excited to be back amongst a different culture where everything feels new and seems exciting and more than a little bit excited about the food. A few colleagues have suggested Redang Island for our beach time but it looks a little honeymooney to me.

This year - well, I haven't really got anything planned beyond Easter but I'm excited for the year ahead, and the ability to continuously plan more fun things. I'm also excited to spend more time with the people that matter to me. I've not done a great job of it so far this year but there's hope yet.

What are you looking forward to and do you have any Malaysian beach recommendations?

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  1. You are going to have so much fun in Malaysia! I actually went to the Perehenitan islands and had a really great time. They do take a little work to get there, but it is well worth it. I also went to Lankawi and it was more commercial, so I didn't like it as much. But it's easier to get to.