Friday, 7 February 2014

Zanzibar–the Other Part

{this water is rougher than it looks!}

Whilst Zanzibar was amazing, I don't want you to think everything was perfect. Something that's not often talked about on travel blogs (but is very often talked about when travelling) is getting sick.

Zanzibar was my sickness sweet spot.

Zanzibar is where I found myself at the hospital wearing a maxi skirt (modest dress required in Stonetown), standing over a squat toilet and peeing into a cup. I should probably mention that I couldn't find a hand basin either so I had to wash my hands in a shower. Some labs and an ultrasound and $57 later, it was confirmed I had a kidney infection*. The prescription? Some stronger antibiotics and plenty of fresh coconut water to restore my ph levels. 

I still laugh thinking back at having to fill that sample cup. And I'm still grateful for the quick and efficient service I received at the hospital and the relatively low cost of it all. My local guide (he was present for parts as a translator) ensured I had fresh coconuts with room service delivering them reasonably frequently. And I was grateful that it didn't take much longer to start to feel better either. 

Zanzibar is also the first time I've ever actually been seasick (rather than just feeling seasick).  A few days after the comical hospital visit, we went on a day long snorkelling trip. Sailing in a dhow, we seemed to find and ride every swell and wave which left me feeling green. Thankfully, it wasn't too long before we get in the water and start snorkelling. I'd assumed that once I was off the boat, I'd start to feel better in no time. I was partly wrong and it was whilst snorkelling and being buffeted by the swell that I succumbed. And you know what? The rumours are true. Fish love that stuff!

What can you do but laugh? I was sick in paradise but as far as I was concerned, I was still in Paradise. Have you ever been sick on the road?

*I've had one before and this one followed the same course so I wasn't particularly worried, just glad to get it sorted before the next leg of my travels.

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