Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Matt Damon and My Dad

Back when I was younger, much much younger, I had a different job. A month after my 15th birthday I got a job at the local cinema megaplex. The first 6 months were spent in the candy bar (scooping popcorn, making choc tops and suggestive selling soft drinks and pop corn as big as your face). After that, I spent a little while ushering and clearing cinemas before settling into selling tickets. As far as high school jobs go, it was a brilliant one. I worked 8-12 hours during term (a weeknight shift and a weekend shift usually) but up to 40 on holidays as their demand increased. The money was good for a high schooler and it was a great environment (who doesn't want to be a the movies?). One of the prime benefits though was the free tickets. It started with two free tickets a week before changing to two free tickets a day. They didn't carry over and you had to use them (ie. You + 1 guest, they weren't valid for friends or family without you also being there). Obviously, I didn't go everyday but equally, I didn't pay for cinema tickets for a good couple of years. Nor did a lot of my friends or family.

Dad, although he probably didn't love it, was my taxi during this time. Not the only one, sure, but he did do a lot of ferrying me home (I could get there by bus but they'd usually stopped by the time I finished). As a thanks for this, or maybe anyway, I treated Dad to some free movies over the years. Whilst I certainly can't remember all that we saw, there was a definite theme to the first three that we saw. Good Will Hunting, The Rainmaker and Saving Private Ryan. See the theme? What if I tell you that Dad's in town tonight and we're going to see The Monuments Men?

Sure, there have been other movies we've seen over the years but I would hazard a guess than more often than not, the movies Dad and I see together in the cinema have Matt Damon. I've never particularly had a crush on the guy but he's easy enough on the eye, makes some great movies and is pretty darn decent in them. Dad's not a big movie goer and I'm a huge chick flick fan so it's just coincidental that the few movies that appeal to both of us feature Mr Damon.

So tonight? It's a date with Dad, Mr Damon and my love.  I'm a lucky girl.

Have you seen The Monuments Men? I say I love chick flicks but they're not all I like. I also really enjoy war stories, especially ones based on truths and I've heard some good things about it so I'm really looking forward to it.

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  1. Aw, that is cute that a lot of the movies you've seen with your dad have Matt Damon in them. I went to movies with my parents when I was very young and my mom when I was in HS but I don't think we have seen a movie together since The Titanic??!? I rarely go to movies, though. I think I saw 2 last year, and maybe only 1 the year before? I haven't seen The Monument Men and I actually haven't even heard of it because I am SO out of touch with pop culture right now... I hope the movie was god and that you had a fun night with your dad!