Sunday, 29 June 2014

Victoria’s West Coast: Cape Nelson


After two nights (not nearly enough, I tell you!) in Port Fairy we headed a bit further west.  Our destination? Cape Nelson Lighthouse. We'd booked in for just one night (and I'm sad it was just one but that's what our leave allowed) in the restored lighthouse keepers accommodation. Whilst we didn't climb the lighthouse, we did head out along the various paths and to the viewpoints several times. Lighthouse during the day? Lighthouse at sunset? Lighthouse after dark? Lighthouse at sunrise? I've got photos of it all.

I had been really excited about this part of the trip. The cottages, built in the late 1800's are just so different to most accommodation options. The walls were easily a foot thick, the ceilings high. It's not just the aesthetics and the cottage, but it's location. Surrounded by national park, it felt really remote and full of history. Warmed by the open fire, I’d pop outside every so often to just take it all in, the sound of the roaring wind, the light from the lighthouse, the moon. I couldn’t help but think about what life of the keepers must have been like 100+ years ago. 

I was desperately sad to leave the next morning and am already plotting when I may be able to visit and stay in some lighthouse keepers accommodation. 


The random interior photo is to try and show just how thick the walls are. Have you ever stayed or thought about staying in lighthouse keepers accommodation or some other peculiar accommodation? I loved it!


  1. Those photos are gorgeous! What a beautiful place to stay. And how neat that you stayed in the accommodations of lighthouse keepers. Have you read the book, "The Light Between the Oceans"? I think it is set in Australia actually, and it's about a lighthouse keeper and his wife. It's fiction but an interesting/good read.

    1. I haven't no! I'm in a bit of a reading slump but that sounds perfect for the winter nights over here. Thanks Lisa