Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Victoria’s West Coast: The Great Ocean Road

Sad to leave and sad to be headed home after such a short break, we still had plenty to see on the way. We'd decided to drive home the long way on the Tuesday, hugging the coastline as we went. It's not a short trip, especially once you factor in stops for viewpoints and scenic lookouts, for meals and comfort breaks, but it is a wonderful trip.

Highlights from this section of the drive were the Grotto and the Bay of Islands Coastal Park as I can’t remember seeing them before. And of course, the Cape Otway Lighthouse as you know I have a for lighthouses. Cape Otway was the fifth lighthouse of the trip for us.

We only made it as far Kennett’s River before the sunset that day but luckily for me, I was headed back along the closer stretch of the Great Ocean Road with a visiting Canadian friend the following weekend. As you can see from these pics, we’ve had wonderful weather so far this winter (well, at least on the weekends).

Bells Beach, the following Sunday

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  1. Wow! These photos are so gorgeous and bring back memories of when I drove the Great Ocean Road in 2002 when I studied abroad in Australia. I would love to go back as I didn't exactly click with the person I was traveling with... If only Australia wasn't SO far away!