Tuesday, 2 September 2014

So There's That

What do you do when you've got lots of thoughts on lots of things but they're not all cohesive and you don't know where to start? Why, bullet points of course!

  • loving this city I call home. I loved Melbourne when I left all those years ago but I think I love it even more now. Sure, there are things here that frustrate me but I'm just so thankful this is my home town. This cool city is where the bulk of my family and friends are.

  • reading again slowly but surely. I just joined the Melbourne City Library last week and am on my third book in as many work days. Nothing of substance yet (all are Cecelia Ahearn novels) but it's baby steps to get back into reading after being book blocked for a few months. Do you have that? If I start reading a book, I don't like starting a new one until I finish whatever I started. And when the one I started doesn't grab me, my reading slows right down, almost stopping. I was stuck on An Abundance of Katherines for three months. No YA book should take that long! As you can imagine, I do not recommend it.

  • reminiscing about being how cheap and easy it was to travel from London. We're beginning to think about Christmas holidays and everything just feels expensive by comparison. Or it could also be some job uncertainty that leaves me questioning what we should do. So far we have considered not going anywhere, travelling within Australia (the top end, the outback or the Great Barrier Reef) or travelling overseas (India (Rob's not been and I always thought I'd return - there's so much more to see), Borneo, Burma, Vietnam, the USA (cold, I know but Rob's sister & family have just been posted to Rhode Island for 18months so perhaps Christmas with them?), Fiji or another Pacific Island. As you can see, we're getting nowhere. No where I tell you, no where.

  • feeling uncertain about work. The role I took last year and am currently doing is a contract role on a project team so I'll be looking for another job come the end of this month. I knew that going in so it's no big surprise and I've been saving my pennies for it but I guess I'd just underestimated how much it would affect my decision making ability in other parts of my life. Holidays, living arrangements, everything. Also, a big stumbling block is what type of role I'd really like. What I do is kind of niche, there's only a tiny market for it here in Melbourne which is about to get even smaller. I never thought I'd even land a job doing it here in the first place, I'm kind of back where I was last year, but no closer to knowing what else I'd like to do (still in finance most likely although I do have an accounting background for fall back on so perhaps not. I  HAVE NO IDEA!)

  • wishing my big brother lived closer. He's up in Brisbane with his wife and baby and I miss them. I missed them anyway but since Hannah was born in March, it feels so much further. The flight is only 2hours but see above re Australia and lack of cheap travel. Everything is expensive. And I want to see my niece.

  • spending less money on groceries than ever before. We're really spending a bit of time meal planning and my gosh, what a difference it is making. It's not something I've ever been very good at, nor put much effort into but I'm enjoying it.

  • inspired by the changing of the seasons. Summer is on its way. We had a gloroious last few days of Winter, but Melbourne being melbourne was back to gray and rainy for the first day of Spring.

  • taking beginners Pilates classes. I got back into it through a great Groupon deal. It's not a cheap hobby so I'm only going once a week but I am really enjoying it. It leaves me sore but in a rewarding way, if that makes sense. I'm often put off by the cost of these things but at some point, and to some extent, I want to prioritise my health and this is just a step in that direction.

  • working on going to bed earlier. A constant goal. I'm a girl that needs my sleep and I can't get more of it in the morning so obviously I have to get more of it at night.

  • listening to the really bad cheesy Mix 90s station on digital radio or the Jezabels. The playlist that gets the most airtime on my phone includes Sara Barelies, the Jezabels, Missy, Ellie Goulding, Emile Sande, The Lumineers, Birds of Tokyo albums along with a  few other random singles.

Pictures at the top are from the weekend just gone, spent up in the hills, mostly on my parents farm (top row) and taking in the sights of the nearby town, Noojee)

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  1. I totally understand how a lack of clarity about your job really impacts your ability to make decisions about pretty much anything. I felt like I was in a holding pattern for about 6 months there when I was looking for a new job... it's not a good feeling so I hope you get some clarity soon and find another job in your field/niche.

    I didn't care for An Abundance of Katherines either. I loved Looking for Alaska and TFiOS but the other books have sort of disappointed me.

    Good luck making a decision on your holiday plans! I can see why it's a tough decision to figure out what to do!