Who I am

I’m Simon’s Sista*.  I’m Sue.  I’m also Waz’s sister. 

I’m a recently returned Melbournian. For a few years there I called London home which was a great base for much of the travel you can read of on this site. I like coffee (like? love and adore), friends, reading, coffee, family, walking, coffee, travelling, music, coffee, baking, kayaking and coffee.  In no particular order of course, and not exclusively either.

This blog is my random musings and pic repository of some of my life.  I’m not intentionally hiding things (well, except my work, because who wants to talk about that anyway?) but I don’t share everything. Questions are always welcome if you want to know more about me though.

The blog name comes from my original twitter handle, @Simonssistasays.  One sunny afternoon whilst wondering the gardens at Hampton Court Palace, I thought it was a clever little play on words.  A few years on, it’s stuck.  Mostly.  I’m now on twitter as @SimonsSista to save on characters (and thereby losing any play on words!)

Stay a while

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